Central Otago farmer comes up with simple idea to help firefighters in an emergency

It's a simple idea that could save both lives and property across Central Otago.

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By simply attaching a firehose fitting to his irrigation system, Gary Kelliher hopes he could help save lives. Source: 1 NEWS

Otago farmer and regional councillor Gary Kelliher has started fitting fire hose fittings to his farms irrigation scheme, in hopes other farmers will follow suit.

"My goal is right across certainly Otago, but even further afield across New Zealand where it's dry and where we have irrigation schemes," he said.

The fittings are quick and easy to install, costing just a few hundred dollars.

For the local Fire Force, they want to see the fittings installed across all farms.

"The fact that we could probably fill a tanker in minutes opposed to 20 minutes to half an hour, or the fact we wouldn’t have to be gone so long, it would make a significant difference," Dunstan rural fire force deputy controller Mark Reid said.

The goal is to get other farmers on board, making it easy for the fire service to find water, no matter the location.

"I think this is an idea that’s going to spread like wildfire, if you excuse the pun," Central Otago district mayor Tim Cadogen said.

The new piece of equipment already proving useful, helping fire crews put out a small fire on a neighbouring farm just one day after filming with 1 NEWS.