Celeste Barber calls for Jacinda Ardern to rename Australia 'West New Zealand', replace Scott Morrison

Instagram star Celeste Barber has jokingly called for Jacinda Ardern to rename Australia 'West New Zealand' and replace Scott Morrison as leader following what has been received as a slow response to the Australian wildfires crisis.

"Can you please make us West New Zealand? Can you be our leader and look after us? We need you," the Australian comedian wrote in an Instagram story.

It follows the Australian PM's acknowledgment he could have handled the wildfire crisis "much better", but added, "Prime Ministers are flesh and blood, too, in how they engage with people."

Barber, 37, recently helped raise more than AU$50 million for the NSW Rural Fire Service and Brigades in a Facebook fundraiser.

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Celeste Barber has fundraised over $50 million dollars in one week for bushfire relief