Celebrity chef Nadia Lim's tips for cutting down your meat consumption

Cutting down on the amount of meat you eat could be as simple as changing how you start planning meals, according to Nadia Lim.

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More people want to learn how to make plant-based meals, she told Breakfast today. Source: Breakfast

The celebrity chef told TVNZ1's Breakfast today she's noticed an increased interest in vegetable-based diets, with almost a third of customers for her My Food Bag meal service choosing the new vegetarian and vegan alternative.

"It's like a total wave or movement happening... People want to learn how to have more plant-based meals."

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She says part of the reason people stick to the traditional Kiwi meat-based meal is because of how they're used to planning their dinners.

"We'll often go, 'What should we have for dinner tonight? Should we have the steak, fish or chicken?'" she says.

But Lim says switching it up doesn't have to be a stressful endeavour.

"If you just flip that mindset a little bit, and you start going, 'Should we start with a vegetable?'" she says.

Eggplants, kumara,or potatoes could all be used as good starting points, Lim suggested.

"It does take a bit of a shift in mindset at first but you start becoming a bit more creative with ways [to cook]."

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Vegetables don't just need to be boiled either.

"Take a look at how different cuisines do it. You can use different spices and techniques - the world's your oyster. It's exciting.

"I think regardless of which way you decide to eat - whether vegetarian or vegan or you're still an omnivore - you can't deny that eating more vegetables is good for everybody."

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