Caution from cops over Kiwis' dashcam hoon videos

Police are worried motorists using dashboard cameras to film bad drivers could be a risk on the road themselves.

Authorities are worried the motorists filming bad drivers could be a risk on the road. Source: 1 NEWS

The police are urging caution by New Zealand drivers who're starting to upload their dashcam videos to a website called RoadShamer which is capturing motoring madness from around the world.

The website's Australian-based administrator, Nadav Golombick, told ONE News the site's about making the roads safer.

"Our opinion is that some of the these drivers misbehaving on the roads may not actually know how severe these offences are and how bad it is," he said.

Each video must meet a set of critieria before it can be uploaded.

"Whatever we publish has to be clear evidence that can be given to the police. So if I go to police with this video they'll say 'yes this can be taken to a court of law.' If it's not good enough for a court of law we're not publishing it," Mr Golombick said.

Police say a website like Roadshamers can be useful for their own investigations, but they hope people who film incidents of bad driving don't create a risk to themselves or other motorists. 

Website members can even publish the alleged offender's licence plate number online, but that's not compulsory.

Traffic lawyer Steve Cullen believes the website is largely a force for good.    

"It could certainly help in terms of determining liability for traffic and insurance cases," he says.

The site serves as a lesson for all drivers to obey the rules of the road or end up being named and shamed for everyone to see.