With cash no longer king, what will the future of money look like?

As technology accelerates our lives are changing quickly over shorter periods of time.

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Cash and even EFTPOS could be a thing of the past. Source: Seven Sharp

Money is no different, and one thing seems certain - cash and even EFTPOS could be a thing of the past very soon.

This week Seven Sharp has been looking at the future of money in New Zealand - most recently delving into how we might be spending money in just a decade or two.

With the number of ways to pay for things increasing, and Facebook recently launching its own cryptocurrency Libra, some New Zealand companies are already slowly moving towards their own official currencies.

"Your kids using Rebel Sports vouchers and Warehouse vouchers as a form of payment, it's a form of currency," Reserve Bank Assistant Governor Christian Hawkesby told Seven Sharp.

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As digital payments become increasingly common some stores are now only accepting cards. Source: Seven Sharp

The idea of people having their own accounts with the Reserve Bank has also been mooted.

"What we're observing at the moment is the lines being blurred between physical and electronic payments. As we go through time we think those lines will be blurred even more," Mr Hawkesby said.

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Reporter Julian Lee got through very tight security to check it out. Source: Seven Sharp

The world of money in the future may be scary to some used to the old ways of cheques and cold hard cash.

However, cheques that take five working days to clear will likely not be missed by many.