Cash left around West Coast camp ground mystifies owners

A West Coast campground has been left scratching their head over a mysterious and calculated act of generosity.

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It seems campers at the site north of Westport have had an early visit from St Nick. Source: 1 NEWS

Visitors at Gentle Annie Seaside Accommodation and Camping Ground, north of Westport, woke to $6800 in 50 and 100 dollar bills placed around the camp.

Camp owner Jesse Paley-Atkins says the money was found on car windscreens, in bathrooms and around the tents, and had been placed there overnight.

“Pretty much 40 vehicles and tents had been plastered with cash where they'd find it when they woke up,” he said.

“Just mystified really and blown away at the scale of it.”

The mystery secret-Santa didn’t leave any clues about their identity, and the lucky recipients have only guesses about where it’s come from. One theory is a particularly giving European visitor, celebrating the tradition of ‘Saint Nicholas Day'.

Owners say the act would’ve taken at least an hour, spreading the cheer amongst all the camp.

To be on the safe side, the money has been handed to police but will be returned to each of the finders if it’s not claimed. 

Some have already offered to pay the generosity forward, designating a charity for their slice of the gift.