Cars that don't get unsafe airbags repaired or replaced will fail WOF tests, Government says

All cars with Takata Alpha airbags that have not yet been replaced or repaired will fail Warrant of Fitness (WOF) testing from 2020, with 12,000 airbags yet to be repaired.

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An estimated 100 million cars were affected by the Takata airbag recall across the world. Source: 1 NEWS

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The Government is warning get it done or risk failing your Warrant of Fitness. Source: 1 NEWS

Consumer Minister Kris Faafoi said 96 per cent of Takata airbags in New Zealand-new vehicles had been replaced, and 85 per cent of new and used imported vehicle airbags have been repaired.

"I am keen, however, to get a final push in the next few weeks to get all remaining affected vehicles repaired," Mr Faafoi said. 

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Over 34 million vehicles fitted with airbags that are at risk of exploding on impact have been recalled. Source: 1 NEWS

"At the end of this year the recall technically ends and becomes the ongoing jurisdiction of the NZ Transport Agency."

TVNZ's Fair Go first reported on the Takata issue back in October 2016, indicating one in 10 New Zealand cars have an airbag inflator that failed overseas. 

In April 2018, the Government announced a compulsory recall of Alpha type Takata brand airbags in new and used cars due to safety risks. 

He said there were 12,000 airbags yet to be repaired, with almost all of those in used-imported cars that arrived in New Zealand from 2004. 

"While some of these vehicles may be picked up through a WOF check, recall experience shows many may be parked up, or their owners may not respond for extended periods of time," Mr Faafoi said. 

From next year, NZTA would flag vehicles that have not had their airbags replaced, preventing them from getting a new Warrant of Fitness. The cars will be considered un-roadworthy until repaired. 

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An estimated 320,000 people have already received a recall notice. Source: 1 NEWS

Faulty development in the airbags had caused injuries and death overseas.

"We’re very fortunate in New Zealand that there haven’t been any incidents with the Alpha airbags, but to ensure we remain incident-free, I am strongly reminding these vehicle owners to replace their airbags now," he said.