Cars, campervans and a house bus - Paul's sick of people being directed across his farm by Google Maps

Paul O'Malley is sick and tired of people driving across his remote Central Otago farm.

"It's very annoying, dangerous and I've done my best to try and get it to change," Paul says as he steers his farm ute down his driveway.

There've been cars and campervans. 

"A house bus has come in also," says Paul, laughing. 

Most of the time Paul does not find this funny. He's worried someone may have an accident on his farm and he may be liable.

Ironically, the people driving across Paul's property aren't at fault. They are simply following Google Maps which says Old Dunstan Road, or Dunstan trail as it's known, goes right through his farm before linking back up with the actual road.

"It's weird and annoying," Paul says.

At the kitchen table, Paul shows us the numerous emails he's sent to Google. 

"They did change one road title but it was the wrong road and they gave it the wrong name," he says.

Last year Fair Go received a similar problem after the Coromandel town of Hikuai was incorrectly called Duck Creek by Google. This resulted in an ambulance going to the wrong place when a boy got run over by a tractor.

After Fair Go got in touch, Google did fix Paul's problem. He's happy he can go back to work. 

If you have a similar problem, Google says use this link to report an error.

Thankfully Google has come to his aid, after cars, campervans and even a house bus travelled on his land, thanks to the internet giant's maps programme. Source: Fair Go


Loud bangs heard at Christchurch house surrounded by armed police

Several loud bangs have been heard at a house surrounded by armed police in Christchurch tonight. 

About 20 police officers have been outside the house on Gilberthorpes Rd, Hei Hei, for several hours. 

A witness says he heard a couple of bangs - possibly stun grenades - go off in the house around 6pm and several more around 8pm.

He says officers have put gas marks on and "look like they're about to storm the house".

The witness says officers are now on the property and have been using a loudspeaker to warn whoever is inside the house that they're going to come in.

The police have said officers had a "pre-planned search warrant".

They would not comment on whether that search warrant was related to the fatal shooting of Luke Riddell at Charing Cross on Saturday. 

Police cordon on Gilberthorpes Rd, Christchurch.
Police cordon on Gilberthorpes Rd, Christchurch. Source: 1 NEWS


Wellington cycleway repair to cost $4 million more

A 1.7 kilometre cycleway in Wellington that cost about $1.8 million to build, has been estimated to cost $10 million to fix.

Wellington city councillors today asked council officers how much it would cost to change the Island Bay cycleway to appease residents.

The plan, considered by many as a compromise between residents and council, was signed off in September 2017.

It was put on hold while the council applied for $24 million of Government funding for a wider cycleway between Island Bay and the city, that would include the controversial stretch.

Councillor Nicola Young, who has consistently opposed the cycleway, asked officers at a meeting today how much it would cost to fix the 1.7km of cycleway that already existed, and was told it could be $4 million more than the $6 million put aside.

However, the council would not know for sure until the project had gone out to tender.

The estimated price tag was a very expensive fix for something that cost less that $2 million to build, councillor Andy Foster said.

"It's a very expensive remediation to spend more than four times as much as what was spent in the first place. In my books, you're not building the same thing at all."

The fix included not just resealing the road, but a high quality transformation of the stretch of road, council officers said.

- By Radio New Zealand's Laura Dooney

The community is calling for a return to the pre-cycleway design that wouldn't see carparks removed. Source: Breakfast


Serious crash causes forces closure of part of Wellington Urban Motorway

A serious crash involving a motorbike has forced the closure of the northbound lanes on Wellington's Urban Motorway.

Police say the crash was reported at 7pm and the motorway is closed northbound between the Terrace Tunnel and the Tinakori Road on-ramp.

Revealed: Man found guilty of historical rapes is the 'Beast of Blenheim'

The 71-year-old man on trial for raping three women and a girl nearly 50 years ago can be named as serial rapist Stewart Murray Wilson.

Wilson, who had name suppression for the duration of the trial, has been before the High Court in Auckland since last Monday defending a number of sex charges, including six charges of rape and three of indecency with a girl under 12.

He is infamously known as the "Beast of Blenheim" and was jailed for 21 years in March 1996 for violent sexual attacks on women and girls throughout a two and a half decade period.

His convictions include rape, bestiality, stupefying and ill-treatment of children.

In 2017, he was charged again in relation to the rapes of three women and a girl throughout the 1970s.

He pleaded not guilty and stood trial before Justice Lang and a jury of six men and six women last week.

This morning after 7 hours of deliberations the jury returned with mixed verdicts.

They found him guilty of raping a woman and a 9-year-old girl, and attempting to rape another woman, among other charges.

They found him not guilty by majority of the raping and indecently assaulting the fourth woman.

They could not agree on two other charges, indecent assault and threatening to kill, relating to this same woman.

On these charges, Justice Lang discharged Wilson.

He was remanded in custody for sentencing on 29 November.

By Anneke Smith

Stewart Murray Wilson appearing in court. Source: 1 NEWS