Career over: Female Hastings school teacher resigns after sex with 16-year-old (full decision)

The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal has deregistered a female teacher who had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old Hastings Boys' High School student.

School classroom. Source: 1 NEWS

The tribunal said in a decision today the teacher admitted she had been in a sexual relationship with the boy, a student in her English class.

Read the tribunal's full decision here.

Her admission had come when the school's principal last June received screenshots of text messages sent between the teacher and student, which the principal considered to be suggestive of a sexual relationship.

The principal met with the student who confirmed that he and the teacher had been in a sexual relationship.

The teacher was immediately stood down and subsequently resigned.

The tribunal said the teacher had committed serious misconduct. They cancelled her teaching registration and ordered her to pay costs of $2226.

The names of both the teacher and student were suppressed.