Car ploughs into Panmure party leaving one person critical, another in serious condition

One person is in critical condition after a car drown into a crowd of people in Panmure early this morning.

The incident happened at around 1:30am on Tripoli Road shortly after a fight broke out at a party.

Police told 1NEWS that a group of people approached the party to start an altercation.

Two people were injured and both were taken to Auckland Hospital, one in a serious condition and the other critical.

The driver fled the scene after ploughing into the crowd and Police are continuing their inquiries this morning. 

World Buskers Festival holds its hat out in Christchurch as losses threaten final curtain

The World Buskers Festival being staged in Christchurch over the next week could be the last one unless ticket sales pick up after the street event lost more than a quarter of a million dollars over the past two years.

The festival has kicked off for its 25th year, but while featuring some of the world's best buskers hasn't been able to raise enough money.

"It is definitely a big ask what we're doing. It costs a lot of money to bring artists from around the world and to stage a festival of this calibre," Melissa Haberfield of the World Buskers Festival told 1 NEWS.

Last year an overhaul of the festival saw the Christchurch City Council cover losses of $160,000.

The year before stormy weather played a role in a shortfall of $115,000.

It's now under review by council-run Christchurch NZ who will meet at the end of the month to decide the festival's future.

"We absolutely want to bring this one home. We're doing everything we possibly can to make it a hugely successful festival and most importantly the people of Christchurch saying 'this is our festival, we love it and want it to be part of our future'," Ms Haberfield said.

Over the next week there'll be hundreds of performances from buskers on the street by day and in theatres by night. 

Organisers say there are plenty of opportunities for people to contribute to help keep the festival alive.

If yesterday's crowds are anything to go by, things could be looking bright.

"We're on track really, really well. And today we've had some really strong support in people booking shows," Ms Haberfield said.

Linda Falwasser of Christchurch NZ appealed for people to support the festival.

"Come out, the sun is shining, it's a great time right now, the city's thriving. Show your love for buskers," she said.

This year's festival is underway, but unless ticket sales pick up it could be its last. Source: 1 NEWS


Cantabrians jolted awake as early morning magnitude 4.0 quake rattles Christchurch

A magnitude 4.0 earthquake has woken Cantabrians in the night, with many people on social media saying they "heard it coming".

Over 3,800 people reporting feeling the quake on GeoNet, with most describing light to moderate shaking.

It struck at 12.32am Saturday morning.

The quake was centred five kilometres south of Christchurch at a shallow depth of just four kilometres.

Initial reports from GeoNet showed a 20km depth.

Regenerate Christchurch tweeted shortly after the jolt saying “cannot recall the last time I heard a quake coming but certainly did that time.”

A stock photo of a recording of an earthquake's seismic waves