Car left crashed and abandoned in South Auckland by unruly tourist family - 'People were calling me gypsy scum'

A van has been crashed and abandoned by the unruly British tourist family in Māngere.

Eye witnesses at the scene told the NZ Herald the van went over the median barrier at the end of Thomas Road and Massey Road.

After the incident, the British tourists reportedly caused a scene, yelling at each other and carrying out their belongings from the crashed Honda van.

The van has been abandoned on the road with two flat tyres and a blown airbag.

A police spokesperson said they had received a report of a vehicle left on the side of the road on Thomas Road, Māngere, shortly after midday.

A member of the group told the NZ Herald they were distracted by people yelling and calling them "gypsy scum".

"People were shouting at us and I look back and hit a curb," an unidentified older man with the group said.

"I punctured the wheel of the car," he said.

A flat tyre on the abandoned van crashed by the unruly tourist family. Source: 1 NEWS

Another member of the group, Joe Doran, told the NZ Herald: "People were calling me gypsy scum and my father crashed the motor over people calling me gypsy scum."

The family have made headlines around the world after allegedly abusing locals when confronted for littering Takapuna Beach in Auckland, allegedly making trouble at multiple restaurants and causing a stir on a plane.

They were served deportation notices and one of the members, Tina Maria Cash, was charged with theft at Hamilton District Court earlier this month.

Cash was spotted leaving the courthouse in the van crashed in Māngere today.

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The 26-year-old woman raced to a waiting car before speeding away from reporters. Source: 1 NEWS

An abandoned van driven by the unruly tourists left on Thomas Road in Māngere. Source: 1 NEWS