Car dealer punches a hole in his own window during tense standoff at Auckland yard

An Auckland car dealer became so frustrated with a customer complaining about a car he had test-driven that he punched a hole in his own window.

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Philip Watson of NZCars was filmed putting his fist through a window after a customer questioned the safety of one of his cars. Source: 1 NEWS

Source: Supplied

Josh Ryan, 19, posted two videos online of the confrontation, which took place yesterday at NZCars in Papatoetoe, Auckland.

Mr Ryan said he had gone to the yard to test drive a car - a 2011 Geely LC - which was a trade-in from another customer.

A cached version of the car's listing on the NZCars website from May 12 described it as "a tidy car considering the amazing price", saying "in our opinion it drives fine", and that it had a warrant of fitness from January this year.

It made no mention of any mechanical issues.

Mr Ryan said when he took the vehicle for a drive, the accelerator pedal got stuck on full throttle, an airbag cover popped off, the gearbox was "crunchy", and a brake pad was completely missing from the wheel assembly. 

The listing has since been updated, and now says the car has "gearbox noise but still runs", that it "may have other issues that will require work for warrant", and warns customers to "please inspect this vehicle - we have no history".

Screenshots of the details listed on the Geely vehicle auction from NZCars - the left-hand version is from May 12, while the updated right-hand version is from May 27. Source: Supplied

It's unclear exactly when the listing was updated, but Mr Ryan insists the car was advertised as being "mint" with no issues.

Being a budding car salesman himself, Mr Ryan told 1 NEWS he felt compelled to confront the yard's owner - Philip Watson - about the safety of the car, and implore him not to sell it to anyone before the issues were fixed.

Mr Ryan said Mr Watson took exception to being accused of trying to sell a faulty vehicle, and at being told what to do.

Mr Ryan said he was there for about 20 minutes, and that Mr Watson became increasingly worked up.

Mr Ryan left and called police, before returning to the yard to tell Mr Watson he'd done so, and warn him not to leave the premises until they got there.

In the video, Mr Watson can be seen yelling and swearing at Mr Ryan to "get the f*** off my yard mate", before becoming so enraged that he punches a hole in his own window.

In a statement to 1 NEWS, Mr Watson insisted he told Mr Ryan about car's mechanical issues before he drove it, and said Mr Ryan had been "agitated and threatening".

"When the salesperson said to Mr Ryan that if he did not wish to buy the vehicle he should leave, Mr Ryan refused," Mr Watson said.

"Mr Ryan repeated his demands loudly and repeatedly."

"Mr Ryan has incorrectly portrayed events on social media and NZCars is considering its options."

Mr Watson said he had received abusive messages and threats after the videos were published, had reported them to police, and consulted his lawyer.

Police confirmed that they received a call at 1.55pm yesterday after threats were reportedly made.

"Police have not yet received a formal report in relation to this incident, however we will be making follow up inquiries," a spokesperson said.

Mr Ryan told 1 NEWS that he doesn't want to press any charges, but just wants to warn others to be wary of the safety of the vehicles they choose, and who they deal with.