Car ban proposed for Auckland volcanoes

A plan to ban vehicles from the summit of six Auckland volcanic cones is drawing mixed reactions.

A plan to ban cars from Auckland’s Mount Eden is drawing mixed reactions. Source: 1 NEWS

Mount Eden's view brings people from around the world, but soon visitors may have to earn it by walking the final 200 metres to the top.

The committee that manages Auckland's volcanic cones has approved in principle a plan to ban all vehicles from Mt Eden's summit.

Paul Majurey from the Auckland Volcanic Cones Authority says it's about increasing safety and enjoyment at the attraction.

"Really what it's gonna do is to reduce the congestion you have from round a million visitors to Maungawhau a year. It'll increase safety and it'll increase the enjoyment of the community on the Maunga," says Mr Majurey.

Buses were banned from the summit of the 196 metre cone in 2011 and now the committee managing Auckland's volcanoes want to extend that to all vehicles.

Those living in the shadow of Mount Eden seem open to the idea with resident Jennifer Miller saying "limiting the cars will mean it's just that better place for all of us to enjoy", while Will Whitby agrees it's "a good thing".

But Tourism Export Council's Lesley Immink says wider consideration is needed.

"Because often they make these commercial decisions without talking to the people who have to actually sell that product offshore".

A final decision on a vehicle ban on Mt Eden will be made in April, and a ban from other volcanoes with road access - Mt Wellington, One Tree Hill, Mt Albert, Mt Roskill and Mt Victoria - could follow.