'Can't judge a book by its cover' - Kind hearted Alexandra family welcome homeless man off the street




An Alexandra family have taken in a homeless man off the streets to give him a second chance. 

Thanks to the two girls in Central Otago, one of NZ's estimated 40,000 homeless has somewhere to stay.
Source: 1 NEWS

Father Tony Jarvis said it came about his "little daughter said some pretty powerful words" after seeing the man on the street. 

"'Dad, are we going to be like everybody else and ignore this man, ignore him and leave him to die out there?'"

"I looked at my 11-year-old daughter and I humbled myself and I said no, we can't."

The man said he thought he wouldn't have made it. 

"But thanks to Tony and his family taking me in, I'm doing quite fine, quite well."

Daughter Kymia Magon said "everyone deserves a change, you can't judge a book by its cover". 

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