'I can't believe this' – Orca and calf filmed hunting stingrays in shallows near Oriental Bay

Two orca have been treating Wellingtonians to scenes often only seen on nature documentaries near Oriental Bay this afternoon.

What appears to be a mother orca and her young calf were spotted hunting stingrays in the shallows by Ange Wither this afternoon.

Her video shows the pair spiralling around a group of stingrays before the larger orca flips one out of the water onto its back for the calf to easily devour.

"I can't believe this!" a woman is heard exclaiming on the video.

In a separated video, three orca swept past an inner city wharf just after 1pm.

People gathered outside the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club in Oriental Bay as the orca glided by.

“It was a phenomenal sighting,” Ben Eastwood said.

Footage provided by Eastwood to 1 NEWS shows one of the orca turning on its side to peer at the onlookers as it swims by only metres from the wharf.

According to the Department of Conservation, orca are often sighted in Oriental Bay hunting stingrays.