Can this chica do the haka? Kiwi rugby lads coach Spanish TV star

A famous presenter has attempted to perform a haka on Spanish TV.

Pilar Rubio spent a week learning the war dance before she took to the stage on the El Hormiguero show.

The mother of two was joined by a group of New Zealand rugby players: Kalo Gadivi, Scott Manson, Troy Mangan, Stefan Moir, Berny Hall and Sean Conner.

The six men are signed to Valladolid Rugby Asociación Club.

Te Karere reporter Hania Douglas has been performing haka for over 20 years.

She says while Rubio did well, if she'd learnt from another woman the dance would have been completely different.

Hania Douglas says women don't poke out their tounges or take a low stance during a haka.

She also says the pronunciation is "all wrong".