'I can swear on my daughter's life she did it' - daycare teacher challenged over claims her colleague assaulted pre-schoolers

A daycare teacher who's given evidence a colleague assaulted pre-schoolers has been challenged on the veracity of her claims.

It's alleged Lynn Abraham smacked some children and forced food into the mouths of others. Source: 1 NEWS

Lynn Abraham is on trial in the Auckland District Court.

It is alleged the 59-year-old smacked and force-fed children in her care.

The Crown says she taped shut one child's mouth and put soap in another child's mouth.

A former colleague, Jennifer Wong, has given evidence she saw Abraham smack and force-feed children, and also saw the cellotape incident.

But Abraham's lawyer, Graeme Newell, questioned why Wong socialised with his client and remained friends during their employment, if she was guilty of the charges against her.

Wong replied that Abraham's actions would cause her to cry in private, and that she had trouble sleeping.

She said she kept a notebook detailing Abraham's actions but Newell questioned why some incidents, including force-feeding, were not recorded.

Ms Wong sobbed through much of her evidence, wailing as Newell continued his line of questioning.

"I just want to go. You're repeating. I've already told you," she said.

"I can swear on my daughter's life she did it."

The trial continues.