'It can be quite violent' - Muslim community still victims of racist abuse after Christchurch terrorist attack

The Muslim community continue to be victims of racist abuse more than a month after the Christchurch terrorist attack in which 50 people were killed.

That's according to founder of Khadijah Leadership Network, Tayyaba Khan who told TVNZ1's Breakfast today many Muslims are failing to report these incidents for a fear of coming across as ungrateful.

"They're feeling like in the current context it's showing that we might be ungrateful, that we might be creating more choas, more resentment, polarisation and what that's meaning for woman particulary is that they're not reporting it.

"It's around the public perception of how people view the Muslim community and that's where the concern lies."

Ms Khan claimed woman's hijabs are being pulled off and the Muslim community are encountering a lot of verbal abuse.

She said the leadership network are encouraging them to report it.

"We've been encouraging them to talk to the New Zealand police, we've been encouraging them to report it on the Islamaphobia register that has just gone live, or actually go to the Human Rights Commission and make a complaint.

"We're trying to encourage woman to feel okay about reporting and not feel ashamed about it or feel guilty they’re making others feel like we are ungrateful. We want woman to carry themselves with confidence and feel comfortable in the wider New Zealand society.”

Ms Khan encourages people to act if they see racist abuse.

"If you see something taking place please support the person, say something to the perpetrator, encourage them to report it and support them through the process that might be quite violent for them."

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Founder of Khadijah Leadership Network, Tayyaba Khan says many are failing to report these incidents with a fear of coming across as ungrateful.