'Can I be a prime minister and a mother? Absolutely' - Jacinda Ardern brushes off criticism in upcoming US interview

"Can I be a prime minister and a mother? Absolutely," was Jacinda Ardern's nonchalant response to critics after a Daily Mail columnist accused her of betraying voters. 

In an upcoming interview with US' Today Show, Ms Ardern was asked about the Daily Mail's January piece by Liz Jones, which said, "surely your country shouldn't have to compete for your attention with a colicky toddler". 

"Eh," was Ms Ardern's response, before laughing. 

"Women multi-task every single day. The sentiment in that piece suggests women can only mothers, or other."

Ms Ardern is expected to give birth in June. She is currently in Europe negotiating Free Trade Agreements with New Zealand and the European Union and Britain. 

The interview is set to air in the US on April 17.