Campervans a valid isolation spot as lockdown looms, but there's a catch

There's concern over the tens of thousands of tourists still here in New Zealand, especially those planning to lockdown in their campervans.

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Tens of thousands of tourists are planning to sit out the upcoming lockdown from tonight. Source: 1 NEWS

Campervan stays are allowed if they stop for the full four weeks in a designated campground - but many facilities are closing their gates.

The Government has put a handbrake on any travelling around, including in self-contained campers, putting tourists in a tight spot.

"Everyone we know as contacts here live down south, so if we don't get there today or tomorrow, then we don't have any options," tourists Theo and Tilly told 1 NEWS today.

"We've got nowhere to be other than in the van."

The question is, where to park the van? 

Freedom camping spots are now closed even for self-contained vehicles and the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association says all of its parks are shut.

One couple, on their honeymoon from Britain, are giving up on their van and being put up by friends.

"We managed to convince someone to let us stay, it's really good because otherwise we'd be stuck in a campervan... might even have had to be parked up on the side of the street," they told 1 NEWS.

But today there's been some progress, with some of the country's holiday parks saying they'll keep their gates open.

Around 160 of the country's holiday parks are still welcoming people in self-contained campers.

It's essential they're self-contained as communal eating and washing areas can't be used, which means there's still huge concern around.

People in non-self-contained vehicles may end up wandering around New Zealand, another issue the Government has to address before the deadline on Friday.