Campaigner hails new warnings on anti-epilepsy medication

A long term campaigner for pregnancy warnings on an anti-epilepsy drug is thrilled the manufacturer is now changing the packaging.

Denise Astill says she was unaware her medication could harm her twins. Source: 1 NEWS

Denise Astill's two children were diagnosed with foetal valproate syndrome (FVS) when they were four.

This has been linked to the drug Epilim that Denise took during pregnancy.

"It's absolutely fantastic," Mrs Astill says.

"People will be properly informed. Conversations can now take place with your specialist, and people can make informed decisions before going into pregnancy." 

Since 2009, the Ministry of Health medicines safety regulator MedSafe has published a warning on its website about the drug.

Epilim is an anti-epilepsy drug manufactured by pharmaceuticals company Sanofi.

Manager for Sanofi NZ Alan Carter told ONE News the company will apply to Medsafe to change the packaging, and once that is approved, it will start introducing the new boxes.

"You should start seeing the new packs by the second half of this year," Mr Carter says.