Cambridge police officer finishes mowing lawns for widow whose partner died half way through task

A good deed by a pair of Cambridge police officers has warmed the hearts of Kiwis.

"Two of the Cambridge crew attended a sudden death this week," Waikato Police wrote on Facebook. 

"Death is the heart-breaking part of life that without exception we all will one day encounter. I know we try our best to help but in reality we know that there is not much we can do.

"Whether it be making a cup of tea for someone or ringing another family, we get stuck in where we can."

During this particular incident, the person who had died had only got half way through completing mowing their lawn before passing away.

"Whilst one constable did his best to comfort the grieving wife the other decided to finish off mowing the lawns," the post read. 

The post has been liked over 1,700 times.

One person wrote one the post: "To those two officers, my utmost respect."

"To the one that finished off the lawns going out of his way when he didn't have to, you made my day."

Another wrote: "That's why policing takes special people to be dedicated to keeping the peace and helping others."

The post on Waikato Police's Facebook page has warmed the hearts of Kiwis. Source: 1 NEWS