Cambridge mum claims she only fills up one wheelie bin of rubbish a year, what's her secret?

A Cambridge mother of two claims she has the secret to living a clean greeen lifestyle, saying her family puts out just one wheelie bin of rubbish a year.

Nic Turner is a self-described 'greenful coach' living a zero waste life that she has turned into a business. 

"People were noticing and they were asking questions about it and if I was engaging them in a way that didn't feel was overwhelming or guilting them into doing things they were really open to making change and that's what really inspired me to think there's a huge opportunity here."

Nic Turner spoke to TVNZ1's Seven Sharp about how she has turned her zero waste lifestyle into a business by showing others how to follow her example. 

"I've had amazing engagement, so any time I've offered them they've sold out really quickly and I think that's because one there's been a really exciting shift in awareness around this sort of space."

Jody Krishnan who walked through the Turner home says: "It's far exceeded my expectations every room we went into I was thinking oh my goodness that small change I could make."

Ms Turner jokes saying she feels pressure now to maintain just that 'one' bin of rubbish.

"I just get in and jump it down" she says. 

Nic Turner claims to only have one wheelie bin full of rubbish a year. Source: Seven Sharp