Calls for more affordable housing as council promotes central city Christchurch living

Nearly nine years after the Christchurch earthquakes the city centre is struggling to appeal as a place to live.

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Some say its new apartments are too expensive. Source: 1 NEWS

While the city's regeneration depends on housing and industry finding their feet, some say its new apartments are too expensive, while others don't want to swap suburban lifestyles.

The council wants 20,000 people to be living in the CBD by 2028.

However, currently the number is not even at pre-quake levels.

“We've currently got between six and 7000 people living in the Christchurch CBD and it was around 8000 pre-quake,” ChristchurchNZ CEO Joanna Norris told 1 NEWS.

Fletcher Building has built, or are currently constructing 172 new homes with just 65 sold so far that are mostly, smaller homes in lower price brackets.

Despite this Fletcher Building says it's feeling positive and new developments can typically take time to warm up.

Many believe the focus needs to be making homes more affordable.

“Are the houses too expensive? I think the short answer 'yes' ... the demand doesn't seem to be at the upper end,” Christchurch City Councillor James Gough says.

Mr Gough also has a warning for the city.

“The whole of Christchurch’s regeneration is at risk if the central city does not work.”