Calls for increase in social housing as nearly half of the homeless are children

Startling new information has come to light on the homeless in Auckland revealing nearly half of those seeking assistance are children, according to a new survey.

47% of those seeking help from the Salvation Army are children Source: 1 NEWS

Auckland cannot be the world's most liveable city and fail to house its people - Sue Hay, Salvation Army

Of the 1202 who sought help from the charity group from November 2014 through to May 2015, 47 per cent (568) of them were children.

The organisation said most were found living in cars, garages, camping grounds and emergency housing.

Major Sue Hay from the Salvation Army says the government has to step up about the problem. Source: Breakfast

However, the Sallies says the study is limited to only those who had already sought help.

They're calling on the government to increase the supply of social housing by 1000 houses a year in Auckland over the next 10 years, or at least until the waiting list is less than a hundred.

"We hope by publicising the situation of these children and their families in this report, the government and local authorities will act with more urgency," said Major Sue Hay Director of The Salvation Army’s Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit.

She added, "Auckland cannot be the world's most liveable city and fail to house its people".

The report makes seven recommendations it believes will address the dire situation including improving access to the Ministry of Social Development.