'Call her the anti-Trump' - Jacinda Ardern's Vogue article released

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's Vogue article has been released, calling her "young, forward-looking, and unabashedly liberal".

"Call her the anti-Trump" it says, in relation to being likened to Donald Trump due to Labour's immigration policy. 

It contains a picture of Ms Ardern at Auckland's Bethells Beach. 

Clarke Gayford with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
Clarke Gayford with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Source: Getty

The article talks about Ms Ardern's rise to power, her view of the importance of decreasing emissions, and her want of a "kinder" brand of politics. 

It describes NZ First as a "nationalist" party, and likens her view on poverty in New Zealand "with a blend of Bernie Sanders’s bluntness and Elizabeth Warren’s fearlessness". 

"Ardern is clear-eyed about what a prime minister of New Zealand, a country with a population of under five million, can achieve on the world stage."

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