Cadbury combines two Kiwi classics for new creation: Perky Nana Lumps

Cadbury have announced the release of a combination of two Kiwi favourites, with 'Perky Nana Lumps' to hit stores next week.

The limited edition treat combines Pinapple Lumps and Perky Nanas in a mash-up of two iconic Kiwi chocolates, resulting in a banana flavoured chew covered in chocolate.

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Are they a genius new confectionary or a desperate attempt to boost flagging sales? Source: Seven Sharp

"Pineapple Lumps and Perky Nana are part of Kiwi culture," Mondelez Country Manager for New Zealand Cara Liebrock said in a media statement. "They continue to be some of the most popular and iconic lollies in New Zealand.

"What better way to pay tribute to these much-loved treats than through a limited-edition collaboration that combines these two products into one shareable pack."

Perky Nana Lumps will be available in stores from July 1.

Perky Nana Lumps Source: Cadbury New Zealand