Cadbury chocolate factory in Dunedin set to close down next year

The Cadbury factory in Dunedin will close its plant doors next year, 1 NEWS can confirm.

Today, the factory's owner Mondelez International briefed its people on a proposal to end manufacturing operations next year, with production to move to Australian sites.

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It is not yet known what the announcement will mean for the popular tourism attraction Cadbury World.

It was closed today but will re-open tomorrow.

For more than 80 years, the Dunedin factory has produced Cadbury products for consumers in New Zealand and Australia.

Cadbury's Dunedin factory processes more than 30 tonnes of liquid chocolate a day and employs just under 300 fulltime staff and around 100 seasonal workers.

After 80 years in operation manufacturing is set to move to Australia. Source: 1 NEWS

Locals say the closure will have a crippling effect on the Dunedin economy. Source: 1 NEWS

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