Burger King union members to strike and picket today

Members of the Unite Union who work at Burger King will go on strike today to protest unpaid work, lack of breaks and low pay rates.

Union spokesperson Gerard Hehir said in a release that strikes and pickets will take place across the country, with 92 per cent of members voting to strike.

"They are sick of having some of the lowest pay rates amongst major fast food companies, sick of working unpaid hours, sick of not getting their breaks and sick of Burger King not sticking to agreements," Mr Hehir said.

The union accused Burger King of withholding staff clock in/clock out records, "despite having supplied such information on an individual basis previously".

Mr Hehir said Unite Union has asked the Labour Inspectorate to investigate whether Burger King is breaking the law by regularly requiring salaried managers on minimum wage to work extra unpaid hours.

"Burger King needs to wake up - the days of employers getting away with stealing their workers time and wages are over," Mr Hehir said.

Source: 1 NEWS