Builder denied KiwiBuild jobs - 'I just got brushed over'

The Government is set to unveil a new-look KiwiBuild, and it can't come soon enough for one builder.

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Industry experts say the Government must be clearer in its Kiwibuild criteria as it looks to streamline the process. Source: 1 NEWS

Giles Bayley was left disappointed after his application to help build homes for New Zealanders through the Government scheme was declined.

"I was just disheartened in the fact that here is an opportunity. To me it looked like I just got brushed over without being considered," he says.

In a written response, KiwiBuild says his business lacked the capacity to build dwellings at speed, couldn't produce evidence mitigating risk,  and couldn't provide solutions consistent with KiwiBuild objectives.

Louise Swann from The Building Business says the Government needs clearer objectives for those trying to help.

"If you put it out there about what your expectations are and how you'll measure those expectations, then it becomes much more efficient both for KiwiBuild and companies that want to be part of that stable," she says.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development told 1 NEWS KiwiBuild is working with developers of all sizes.

"Our priority is building large numbers of affordable, quality homes, and we work with firms that have the track record to build the numbers needed," the ministry says. 

"We are continuing to streamline the process for builders to work with us."

In January, the Government said KiwiBuild would not hit its mid-year target of 1000 homes, hence the recalibration process.

As of  today, Saturday April 27, only 74 homes have been built under the KiwiBuild programme.