'A Budget that has broken trust' - Amy Adams says Grant Robertson's Budget a u-turn from Labour's election promises

National's finance spokesperson Amy Adams has come out swinging against the Labour Government's Budget, saying they have not delivered on promises made during their election campaign.

Ms Adams, speaking this morning to TVNZ1's Breakfast today, said the Budget had "broken trust with New Zealand".

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"They simply haven't delivered," she said, adding that Labour had "strong surpluses" to do the thing it promised, but had shown the public it has "different priorities".

The Finance Minister says the government remains committed to following through but some things needed to be prioritised. Source: Breakfast

Finance Minister Grant Robertson, also speaking on Breakfast, acknowledged that some things varied in the Budget from the election campaign, saying that some hard choices needed to be made.

Watch Grant Robertson deliver the Budget HERE.

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The National Party finance spokesperson said what Labour promised and what they have delivered are very different. Source: Breakfast