Budget 2018 to 'set out the steps' for a transition to low-carbon economy

Budget 2018 will prioritise health, housing and education, but also pave the way for New Zealand's economic transition into a low-carbon economy, Finance Minister Grant Robertson said today. 

At the printing of the Budget today in Wellington, Mr Robertson told media it was not just made up of his "own blood, sweat and tears, it's the work of Ministers, many, many officials, the Treasury in particular who do just a sterling job". 

Finance Minister Grant Robertson said it would lay the foundation “that's fit for the place we find ourselves in the 21st century”. Source: 1 NEWS

When asked by 1 NEWS political editor Jessica Mutch if it could be considered a "catch-up Budget", Mr Robertson replied that it "was a Budget that has a plan for our future".   

"That lays the foundation for a New Zealand where we have really strong public services and where we have an economy that's fit for the place we find ourselves in the 21st century."

"We all know the economy needs to make a transition, a just transition, to a lower carbon economy, we want to set out the steps for that."

He said the Government have been clear that "it will take time to make the changes that need to be made, but what this Budget does is lay out the plan to do that". 

Mr Robertson said there would be a "re-prioritisation" in some sectors, however the focus of the Budget would land on health, education and housing. 

"In other areas we're talking about expenditure that hasn't come to fruition, so it was allocated in a previous Budget but the project concerns hasn't worked out and we're re-prioritising that money to other areas."

He said Budget 2018 would deliver on the coalition and confidence and supply agreement over the three year term. 

"Clearly there are some areas where we will need to phase things in over time."

Grant Robertson showed off the front page to journalists in Wellington. Source: 1 NEWS

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