Budget 2018: Five things you need to know about where the Government is spending your cash

Today the government opened up its books, and revealed what it will spend its money on.

The Budget happens once a year, and forecasts spending over the next four years. 

Here are five big reveals from today's Budget:

1. Rebuilding critical public services

Health - $3.2 billion to operating and $850 million

Education - $1.6 billion operating, $334 million capital

Justice - $1 billion operating, $216 million capital

Supporting at-risk families - $460 million operating, $17 million capital

2. Economic development and the regions

$2.8 billion into the promotion of "economic development and supporting the regions package".

3. Child poverty, housing, and homelessness

$813m is going to operations and $369m to capital to address issues such as target "chronic homelessness" and to allocate grants for low-income houses to get insulation for eligible homes.

4. Natural resources

$649m will go to biodiversity, forestry and conservation, and also to climate change, biosecurity and environmental protection.

5. Culture

The government has put in $534m to "enriching New Zealand's culture and identity". It will go to crown-Maori relations and Maori development, NZ arts, culture and heritage, and to defence and internal affairs ($386m for operating funds and $40m capital).

Source: 1 NEWS

Claims prescription pills found in Auckland McDonald's shakes being investigated by police

Police and McDonald's says they are looking at claims posted online by two people who said they found prescription pills in their shakes bought from Te Atatu McDonald's.

"We ate them at home, and we all found traces and whole pills of prescription medicine ... My sister ingested one ... I found one in my mouth and spat it out," the complainants said on a Facebook community page.

Police have confirmed to 1 NEWS they are investigating the claims and says the "individuals took themselves to hospital to be assessed".

McDonald's says it has reviewed the CCTV from the restaurant, and told the NZ Herald "normal procedures were followed and there was nothing untoward in the filling and operation of equipment, or as the order was made and handed to the customer in drive-thru".

They are in the process of contacting the customer for further details.

Strawberry, Chocolate and Lime shakes from McDonalds.
Strawberry, Chocolate and Lime shakes from McDonalds. Source: McDonalds/Google Streetview/1 NEWS composite


Man accused of killing dad begged forgiveness, court told

A teenager told police his older brother begged for forgiveness after stabbing their father, an Auckland court has heard today.

Earlier, Crown prosecutor Gareth Kayes said in a previous court session that on the day of the killing, the father returned home from work and was violent.

Members of the family were granted wide-ranging suppression orders, including the teenager's brother who has denied a charge of murder. The names of the accused, his dead father, or exactly where and when the killing happened could not be reported.

The teenager's interview with a specialist interviewer was being played at the High Court in Auckland today.

Earlier in the day, the teenager said his father accused him of stealing and tried to beat him before his older brother and sister stepped in to stop it.

The teenager said later his father was banging on the windows and shouting when he got locked out of the house after beating his mother.

The teenager said the family saw a car leave the property and thought their father had left.

His older brother took a knife from the kitchen and went outside to investigate.

The teenager said he heard a fight outside and saw his father punch his older brother in the face.

When the lights were turned on he saw his father lying on his side and his brother trying to stop the bleeding.

He said his brother was saying he was sorry and that he didn't want to do what he had done.

Mr Kayes said no one apart from the father and accused saw what happened during the escalation, but a short time later the family found the unarmed father dead on the deck from stab wounds.

A doctor who examined the accused found he had grazes and minor cuts to his hand - in short, virtually unscathed.

A lawyer for the accused, Elaine Ward, said her client had acted in self-defence against a man who had a history of violence and methamphetamine use. She described the father as a bully.

Justice Source: 1 NEWS