Budget 2015: Govt accused of neglecting regions

Big cities will see plenty of extra investment from Budget 2015, but Government is again being accused of neglecting the regions.

The Government is again being accused of neglecting the regions. Source: 1 NEWS

Both beneficiaries and those receiving Working For Families will be handed more taxpayer dollars from today's Budget.

However, that will be balanced by the elimination of the $1000 KiwiSaver kickstarter bonus and tougher work requirements for sole parents.

Gisborne community worker Manu Caddie told ONE News the Budget doesn't have enough in it for places like his town.

"I was looking for more around economic development, job creation, and I can't see much if anything in there about that."

Caddie says initiatives to lure workers from the cities to the regions won't work

"When there's no jobs around and they're putting incentives up to move to other regions then that's going to gut the regions even further."

A Salvation Army report out this month makes for grim reading, ranking the Gisborne district bottom of New Zealand in youth offending, GDP per capita and life expectancy.

Community worker Jason Akuhata-Brown says locals are looking to fix the town's problems, in the absence of Government help.

"The majority of people are community minded and have just lost that way of living like a lot of New Zealand.

"So we're just trying to bring a bit of that back in simple ways, whether it be helping to paint the shops here or putting a garden in."