Budding marine biologist, 12, has close encouter with shark on Napier beach

A young girl on holiday in Napier was captivated with what washed up on a local beach today.

Grace Buchanan, 8, was excited to see a 2.5 metre long shark on Westshore today.

"It was pretty exciting to see a shark, I normally only see them on TV," she told ONE News Now.

Grace's mother Rachel Buchanan says her partner had been out for a run when he found the shark and went and fetched herself and Grace.

Ms Buchanan said her daughter was keen to save the shark but "sadly it was dead".

Touching the marine mammal on the beach, Grace said "it felt quite rubbery".

The youngster from Wellington, who wants a career as a marine biologist, is holidaying in Napier.

Ms Buchanan said her daughter's encounter with the shark was "her favourite thing on the holiday".