'It was broke and cracked' - earthquake-damaged war memorials to be repaired for Anzac Day




Repairs to two war memorials will provide a morale boost to local Hurunui residents who face a long road to recovery after the devastating Kaikoura earthquake hit in November last year.

The work is a morale booster for the Hurunui community who are facing a long road to recovery.
Source: 1 NEWS

Hurunui District Mayor, Winton Dalley said "During the earthquakes we had two cenotaphs seriously damaged, one at Spotswood, and one at Waiau, so we have a stonemason there as we speak repairing those, and the intention is they will be finished in time for Anzac day this year."

The repairs have been made possible by a lottery grant and are a high priority for the local council but Dalley says funding wasn't an issue.

"Fortunately the funding was there, but I can say even if we didn't have the funding from that source, we would have had the cenotaphs repaired in time for Anzac day because of the importance of the day, and the funding then would have just been an issue to deal with later."

The Stonemason in charge of repairs, Quentin Cassidy, remembers the moment he saw the damaged memorial at Waiau.

"I found the memorial in several different pieces, the main ball was lying on the ground maybe 15/20 yards from the base structure, there was a plaque with inscriptions of the names on it and it was broke and cracked and damaged, so it was pretty bad, the steps were cracked and damaged as well so not good."

This year Anzac Day will then not only be a day to remember for the Hurunui community but also a day to look forward and rebuild.

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