Brief spell of summer then 'volatile rain' returns in MetService's December forecast

A "volatile" December is on the cards weather wise, according to MetService's month-long forecast.

It's not all bad news though, as the weather agency predicts settled weather for much of the country next week.

"Following a rough start to the month, high pressure and cooler southerlies prevail next week. Most regions are set to see relatively dry conditions next week," the outlook reads.

However this trend is set to be short lived, with cooler weather returning the following week that could bring more rain.

Overall the MetService says it will be: "A cooler than usual December for the North Island, Nelson and Marlborough; near average elsewhere. Continued rainfall volatility from week to week."

NIWA has also forecast  a potentially gloomy end to December coinciding with the Christmas holidays.

"We do see some unsettled weather late in the month and that is after a period of settled weather, so you may want to to head out and enjoy some early summer tramps in the mid-portion of the month," NIWA forecaster Ben Noll said.

Children shelter from the rain.