Bridges rules out bid for Nats leadership in horror-themed escape room

Simon Bridges is on his book tour, which means he’ll agree to (almost) anything for publicity. 

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The former National leader’s book is full of embarrassing anecdotes, amusing family photos and his theories about everything from race to masculinity. Source: Seven Sharp

The former National leader certainly didn’t flinch when Seven Sharp suggested a visit to Escape Masters for a chat. 

In National Identity: Confessions of an Outsider, Bridges writes about everything from his childhood in West Auckland, his theories about ethnicity and masculinity, and embarrassing anecdotes. 

“Part of it [the book] was self-help for me,” Bridges told Seven Sharp as he sat in the horror-themed escape room prior to lockdown. 

He said he had to figure out who he was after he was booted out as National’s leader by Todd Muller. 

But, identity was always a question for Bridges.  

“Feeling not Māori enough, too Māori, and working all of that out,” said Bridges, who is of both Māori and Pākehā descent.

Still among the occult of the escape room, he also said he wouldn’t try becoming National’s leader again.

“I’m ruling it out.” 

Watch the full escape/interview in the video above.