Bridges kicked out of House after denying making 'barnyard noise', calling Speaker's comment 'unprofessional'

National Party leader Simon Bridges has been kicked out of the House for calling a comment from Speaker Trevor Mallard "unprofessional". 

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Trevor Mallard accused Mr Bridges of making "barnyard noises" during Question Time. Source: 1 NEWS

During Parliament's Question Time today Mr Bridges asked: "How is it appropriate for you to entertain several pointless points of order from that side, and when I react to something the Prime Minister said, I'm the naughty boy in this Parliament?"

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and Leader of the House Chris Hipkins had been asking Mr Mallard about Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern answering questions around Government approval ratings. 

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This exchange was brought up again later when Mr Bridges was kicked out of the House. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Mallard said the points of orders were legitimate, then said to Mr Bridges that he earlier "made a barnyard noise of the sort that would not be accepted in a junior classroom".

Mr Bridges replied: "I made no such noise and it's entirely wrong and unfair for you as a Speaker to say that sort of unprofessional comment."

The Speaker then asked Mr Bridges to leave the House. 

Earlier, Mr Bridges made a point of order and asked Speaker Trevor Mallard, "Why did you give that look when I give a legitimate point of order when you've just had three from the other side?"

"I was living in the vain hope that we might be getting on with Question Time," Mr Mallard said.

After he was kicked out of the House, Mr Bridges told media: "We all know the Speaker's amicable style, but I think every so often he does have to be called on the fact that bad behaviour on one side is in his view, charming, and bad behaviour on the other side is reprehensible."

"That’s what happened today."