BrickCon - LEGO's Armageddon draws thousands to Te Papa: 'The general public can do anything that's here'

The LEGO version of Armageddon has taken place in the capital this weekend.

Nearly 90 people from around NZ have shown off their intricate creations in Wellington today. Source: 1 NEWS

Nearly 90 builders from around the country are showing off their large and intricate creations at BrickCon.

Thousands of people were allowed to see the displays in Te Papa, which included Star Wars characters, old New Zealand buildings and crazy new worlds.

After decades of success, LEGO took a hit in 2003 and sales were plummeting.

But since then, it has been on the rise and it is now the world's most powerful brand.

BrickCon organiser Daniel Mulholland is hoping to inspire more people to try to create masterpieces of their own.

"We are all just hobbyists. We are normal people that have day jobs that go home and build with LEGO bricks at night as a form of relaxation," Mr Mulholland said.

"The general public can do anything that's here."