Brian Tamaki and wife Hannah launch Coalition New Zealand political party

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki announced the launch of the Coalition New Zealand political party at an event in Auckland this afternoon.

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Coalition New Zealand, the latest Christian Conservative party, will be fronted by Hannah Tamaki. Source: 1 NEWS

The party is set to be led by wife Hannah Tamaki, who would not reveal the seats the party would contest or the people the party would be standing. 

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The Destiny Church leader said the party is “desperately needed”. Source: 1 NEWS

Speaking in front of media with Mrs Tamaki by his side, Mr Tamaki said: "I believe that this Labour government is taking this country in the wrong direction our freedom values and culture is in danger because of the harmful policies coming from this Government.

"We need to launch a party in this political climate, so today I believe you are going to see politics with teeth.

"This is a party led by leaders, leadership is what's lacking right now. This party is desperately needed right now in this country.

"This is a party more than just Christians in New Zealand will connect to," he said.

He accused Labour "and a little bit of National" of lacking leadership.

Mr Tamaki said he would be running the party with Ms Tamaki, who would be leading. 

"I’m not happy," she said. "I am concerned, I am worried, for this reason I will be leading the new party Coalition New Zealand into the 2020 general election with the aim of entering Parliament."

"Coalition Party is not a Christian party, Coalition New Zealand is going to be a party for all New Zealanders."

Ms Tamaki extended an invitation to National MP Alfred Ngaro, who is contemplating creating a Christian Party.

"I do not know you, you seem like a reasonable man looking for somewhere to call home.

"I give you the opportunity to come and sit with me."

She said its strategy was to gain five per cent of the vote and to win an electorate seat, but she would not reveal the seats the party was contesting or the people who would be standing.

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Mr Tamaki made the announcement with his wife Hannah in Auckland today. Source: 1 NEWS

Earlier today, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said creating a party was a "ultimately a matter" for Destiny Church.

Ms Ardern would not be drawn into the prospect of working with Destiny Church. 

"The hypotheticals about what parties enter into Parliament, I just don't engage in. This is a party that’s only just been announced and now campaign to try and reach a five per cent threshold."

TVNZ political editor Jessica Mutch McKay today said that when she'd previously interviewed Mr Tamaki about the idea of starting a political party, he wasn't keen, insinuating he wouldn't "lower himself to that kind of career".

But things had changed over the past few months, especially with his passion for his Man Up programme which he was trying to get implemented in New Zealand prisons.

The programme aims to help men, especially young, Māori men, control their frustration and emotions.

"Things have changed over the last few months. I think his Man Up programme, he’s really keen and passionate to get that through …. And he feels very passionately about that, so that might have changed his mind," Mutch McKay says.

But, Mutch McKay says Mr Tamaki "will be a political power and I think it'll be really interesting to see how it develops".

There are thousands of Destiny's Church supporters, so no matter if people agree with his political beliefs or not, Mr Tamaki does have a strong following, Mutch McKay says.