Breathtaking timelapse shows the wonders of New Zealand's night sky

A Wellington photographer has compiled 13 hours of footage to create an amazing timelapse video of New Zealand's night sky.

Photographer Mark Gee filmed a beautiful time-lapse sequence of New Zealand’s colourful night sky.

Mark Gee began the massive project of photographing the night sky above the Wellington region last March and took his final shot in July this year.

Up to 1440 individual photos make up the one minute video which displays the wonders and beauty of New Zealand's night sky from sunset to dawn.

Mr Gee says he's done timelapse projects like this in the past but this is the first time he's tried a new motion control technique where he had the camera rotating at the same speed of the Earth's rotation.

Mr Gee says the fascination of capturing the night sky and with space isn't new for him.

"I've always been interested in the night sky/space, but only really got to learn a lot more about it when I started photographing the night sky seven years ago," Mr Gee told ONE News Now.

The spectacular footage is already gaining international interest with BBC posting the timelapse online. Mr Gee has also entered the timelapse into the 2015 NZ Geographic Photographer of the year competition. 

Mr Gee has another timelapse project up his sleeve and has already completed shooting it.

"It's just a matter of finding some spare time to put it all together."