Brave young mum battling cancer receives long awaited good news - 'I'm cancer free'

Nearly six months after being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, Te Aroha Isaia has finally heard the words she'd been waiting to hear – you're cancer free.

The 25-year-old from South Auckland had a mastectomy three weeks ago to remove her left breast and lymph node following six rounds of chemotherapy.

It was back in late October last year that Te Aroha discovered a lump on her breast.

Just before Christmas, she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer and began a series of chemotherapy treatments.

On May 18, the mother of two underwent surgery for nearly two hours to remove the cancer.

"To have it gone is a big relief for me because I’m not lying in bed at night thinking 'gosh it's still there'."

Having her breast removed was a moment Te Aroha says she had been preparing herself for.

"Once it's gone the cancer is gone and I had already prepared myself a long time ago that yip it's coming off."

Te Aroha says looking at her chest following the surgery wasn't as scary as she'd been warned it would be following the mastectomy and she was surprised at how well it looked.

"As soon as I woke up I was curious to know what it looked like."

Always remaining positive throughout her treatment, Te Aroha says she managed to hold back the tears when her surgeon sat her down to give her the news that she was free of cancer.

"When they told me I thought that I may cry or something, but right from the beginning I just knew that everything would be fine so to hear that it was confirmation."

Despite the diagnosis of no cancer, Te Aroha still has a long journey to go with three weeks of radiation treatment next month and a year of Herceptin.

We'll be continuing to follow Te Aroha's journey here on 1 NEWS Now.

Six months after being diagnosed with cancer, Te Aroha Isaia heard the words she's been waiting for. Source: 1 NEWS