BP launches 'Thank You Button' campaign to help Kiwis praise other motorists

A recent survey commissioned by BP found that more than 70 per cent of Kiwis have been on the receiving end of road rage in the past year.

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A digital green thumbs up on the back of your car will hopefully help curb road rage. Source: Seven Sharp

That finding prompted the petrol company to try and do something about it by launching a "Thank You Button" campaign.

Now, anyone who spends over $60 at their local BP, excluding tobacco products, will be given a digital green thumbs up button that can be placed on the back window of their car.

The button can be activated to let other drivers know you appreciate their considerate driving.

For example, if someone stops to allow you to pull out from a carpark.

"The bit that I think's cool is that 89 per cent of people reckon they're courteous on the road," BP NZ Managing Director Debi Boffa told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp. "However, only 37 per cent of the drivers actually feel like someone said thank you when they did something nice.

"So, there's a real disconnect." 

Ms Boffa said she hopes the campaign means the next survey will reveal less rage on New Zealand roads.