Boys on five-week school camp put paid to instructor's claim of 'useless' young people

A life coach at a school camp has claimed most young people these days are useless and need more real life education.

Seven Sharp was with students from Hamilton's Hillcrest High School as they set off to Great Barrier Island for a five-week school camp run by Hillary Outdoors instructors.

Hillcrest High students went to Great Barrier Island with no devices, no classes and no mum or dad to do their washing. Source: Seven Sharp

Last night the programme reported on how the boys managed five weeks with no devices, no classes and no parents to do their washing.

The teens pushed boundaries with activities such as planting trees, building a raft, and even killing and gutting a sheep.

Life instructor Jeff Cleave believes it's just what today's kids need.

"The vast majority of our young people these days are useless," he told the programme.

"They've forgotten how to be rough and tumble. They're too enamoured in technology. The vast majority have actually forgotten where food comes from," he said.

One lad who wrestled and tied a sheep in a pen was pleased with his achievement, saying, "It's very gratifying. I did it. I did it."

The lesson from Jeff Cleave was: "If you're going to do anything in life, commit 100 per cent."

It makes a sort of brotherhood between everyone - School camp participant George

He said girls too have joined in gutting sheep on camps, "and they've stumbled away in tears and to their friends only to be supported, and then turned that around into triumph".

Back home, after the Great Barrier experience, Sam Peploe, who won two of seven awards for really changing, has taken to cooking and has grown in confidence since the camp.

"I do feel like I can think for myself a lot better. I think once I'd gotten once over the hurdle of communication and also thinking of others, I think I felt lot happier," he said. 

Another student, George, said the camp "makes a sort of brotherhood between everyone - no outcasts, everyone always involved".