Boris Johnson looks forward to importing 'colossal quantities of NZ wine' in exchange for 'buses' of UK gin

Boris Johnson wants to keep the beverages flowing between the United Kingdom and New Zealand as negotiations on a free trade agreement begin.

In a video on social media, Britain’s Prime Minister said he’s very proud to be inaugurating the first stage of the New Zealand-UK free trade talks with his "friend" and "counterpart Jacinda Ardern".

"We buy colossal quantities of New Zealand wine, fantastic Oyster Bay … we export gin, we export buses," Mr Johnson said.

He added the British people were fans of orcs and the hobbits but admitted there was so much more both countries could do together from agriculture to services.

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Laura Clarke spoke to Breakfast following the announcement of a bilateral agreement between the two countries. Source: 1 NEWS

"Let’s face it, New Zealand and the UK are about as far apart as any two countries could be – geographically – but we are united by a shared history, a shared language, a shared head of state."

The UK is New Zealand’s sixth largest trading partner, with two way-trade totalling almost NZ$6 billion last year.