Bodies recovered from Christchurch lake where driving lesson went tragically wrong




The bodies of a husband and wife, who drowned in a Christchurch lake when their driving lesson went wrong, have been recovered by police divers.

The bodies of the couple are now with family, after a driving lesson turned to disaster.
Source: 1 NEWS

The man was 27-years-old and the woman 31, Superintendent Lane Todd says.

The couple's car was driven into the lake in the Westlake Reserve in Halswell yesterday afternoon. It ended up submerged on its roof, he said.

Police did not release the names of the couple, but media are reporting them as Avneel Ram and Sheetal Ram.

Ms Ram's brother-in-law, Hinesh Kumar, confirmed their identity to Fairfax and said they were "really friendly and kind people".

An eyewitness saw a car plunge into the lake with a woman trapped inside, while a man dived in trying to save her.
Source: 1 NEWS

He said Mrs Ram had only recently got her learner's licence.

"He was trying to teach her how to drive here and instead of putting her foot on the brake, she put her foot on the accelerator and the car went into the water," he said.

Witness Jordan Fleming earlier told the media outlet he was walking his dog in the park at the time the car accelerated into the water.

He then saw a man dive into the water after it.

The pair were thought to be a married couple out on a driving lesson.
Source: 1 NEWS

"He swam down and came back up a couple of times; then it would've been about the fourth time he went down and didn't come up."

The Rams married last year after earlier moving to New Zealand from Fiji, Mr Kumar said.

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