Boat Sir Peter Blake killed on makes first return to Auckland harbour




The vessel Sir Peter Blake was tragically shot dead on the Amazon River in 2001 has made a dramatic entrance into Auckland harbour today met by a flotilla of 40 yachts.

Romain Troublé, the new skipper of the boat, speaks about the significance of the vessel ‘Tara’ sailing into to Auckland Harbour.
Source: 1 NEWS

It is the first time the vessel, originally named Seamaster but now called Tara, has returned to Auckland since Blake’s death at the hands of pirates while monitoring environmental change in South America.

Tara sailed into Auckland Harbour around North Head about 1pm today, met by a flotilla of 30 to 40 yachts.

New skipper of Tara, Romain Troublé, said he was thrilled to be bringing the environmental message Blake began 20 years ago back to the New Zealand public in person.

"We are very happy to welcome all the New Zealanders, the Aucklanders, on board the boat," Mr Troublé said.

"Sir Peter Blake undertook great expeditions back in the 2000's.

"The boat was called Seamaster and with that he brought the boat across the planet to talk about the environment.

"It was very early days at that stage. Peter was involved in Antarctica. He was talking about the water. Good water, good life. Bad water, bad life. No water, no life. Sharing that with the maximum reach across the planet."

In 2000, Sir Peter Blake skippered the only non-American team to successfully defend the America's Cup.

These days, Tara is used to study climate change, regularly reporting their findings back to the United Nations.

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