Blindness led Kiwi woman to form walking group that's lasted 26 years

Tonight's Good Sort is Alison Jones from Mosgiel, just outside of Dunedin.

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Alison Jones started the 'Trixie Tramps' 26 years ago, when she lost her sight. Source: 1 NEWS

Jones was a runner in her heyday but had to slow down when she started losing her eyesight through a progressive condition called cone-rod dystrophy.

“One day my eyes were fine and the next day there was a flicker down the side of my left eye,” she says.

When her eyesight started failing, Jones didn’t know what to do.

“I don’t like it, it’s not my style but that’s the way it is,” she says.

So she started walking and has been doing it every Thursday for 26 years.

Husband, Evan joins her, along with her walking group, the Trixie Tramps – that she set up 26 years ago.

“I’m not allowed to drive a car so the only way I can get anywhere is walk,” Jones says.

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