Blake Lively thanks 'heroic' Kiwi entrepreneur for donating toys, PPE and nappies during pandemic

Actress Blake Lively has publicly praised a "heroic" New Zealand entrepreneur after he helped donate hundreds of thousands of nappies, toys and PPE to the Covid-stricken US.

Kiwi entrepreneur Nick Mowbray and actress Blake Lively. Source: Instagram / Getty

Nick Mowbray co-founded Zuru, a toy company dominating the world, and is a co-founder and co-CEO at nappy company Rascal + Friends.

In a series of Instagram Stories posts yesterday, Gossip Girl star Lively said she was "reflecting on what [she's] grateful for".

"Back in May I called my friend Nick Mowbray," she wrote.

"The US was hit hard, not only with Covid-19 but with low stock on basic needs. He works with my favourite diaper brand Rascal + Friends. 

"Within a few days he and his team shipped over 265,000 diapers to diaper banks and hospitals in New York and Texas. For free."

As well as the nappy donation, Lively says she was "gutted" reading about children stuck in hospitals unable to have visitors due to the outbreak.

A series of Instagram Stories posts by Blake Lively praising the actions of New Zealand entrepreneur Nick Mowbray. Source: Blake Lively / Instagram

After talking to Mowbray, he donated more than 20,000 Zuru toys to the children in New York and in other areas.

"Finally, after a simple ask, Nick Mowbray and team sent over 20,000 face shields and I don't even know how much hand sanitiser to New York hospitals in a time when both were impossible to come by."

Lively praised Mowbray's actions as "heroic" and spanning three continents.

She also thanked the workers who made the supplies, packaged them, donated and distributed them, as well as the "heroic work of the essential workers once they received these lifesaving tools".

"I realise this took a sappy turn. But tonight, reflecting on this silent act of care and community, I felt incredibly grateful. And had to share."

Lively stressed all the donations were done at Mowbray's own cost, as well as repeatedly saying the posts weren't an advertisement for the business.